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Why sailing in Bretagne ?

Brittany is a beautiful city located in the western part of France, which bathes in different seas, between Celtic, Iroise, and the Bay of Biscay. As a result, many companies are now specialized in providing equipment for navigation on the territory, offering rental of many boats.

Why Bretagne?

To start, we must recognize that Brittany is not famous enough, which is a very big advantage for those who decide to go there for the summer. Knowing that there will be no need to find a piece of beach to scratch, with its three different main locations. However, be aware that the northern part of the city is home to different coasts, between the Emerald Coast, that of Pink Granite and that of Goëlo. In the western part, there is the tip of the Raz, the Rade de Brest, Camaret, Morgat and Douarnenez, places that will not fail to satisfy everyone, whatever the type of activity to practice. And as for the southern part, there are different areas of navigation, passing the Gulf of Morbihan and its different islands. To mention only Glénans, Groix, Houat, the island aux Moines or the island of Arz and others.

How to sail in Bretagne?

In the image of what is mentioned above, there are many opportunities for navigation in Brittany today, not to mention the offers that offer them. Indeed, with its very high accessibility to the sea, it is quite common to see more boats than inhabitants in this small provincial town, which allows everyone to have a wide choice of boat rentals. Going through the boats that make their law everywhere, or the various motorboats, including catamaran, fishing boats, speedboats or yachts and all other types of boats.

Going to Brittany should motivate everyone today, knowing that the only thing we know about this city is none other than its exceptional quality of life. Given the fact that life is much less expensive than elsewhere.